5 Benefits of Installing Smart Curtain In Your Home

5 Benefits of Installing Smart Curtain In Your Home

The era of smart homes is here. Efficiency, convenience, and comfort are the three pillars on which any smart technology stands. If you wish to live in such a home, one of the first things you will need to invest in is a smart curtain system.  

Discover the five benefits of installing smart curtains in your home, and understand why it is such a ‘smart’ investment: 

  1. Save Energy: 
    Smart curtain allows home owners to set preferred schedules on when to open and close your curtains. Besides setting schedules, you can also sync your smart home sensors to integrate it with your smart curtain. For example, whenever it senses someone is near the window, your curtain will automatically open up for you. This will be able to save more energy and cost in the long run 

  1. Convenience: 
    Closing and opening curtain can be a hassle sometimes when it comes to a high window ceiling or heavy curtain fabric. Sometimes it even gets dusty and it will be a problem for people that are heavy allergies towards dust. With smart curtain system, you won’t be having these problems anymore as you can just open or close your curtain with just one touch on your phone or even through voice command through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Besides that, smart curtain can be a very good natural alarm clock for you as you can open your curtain every morning and let the sunshine wake you up naturally. 

  1. Safety: 
    One of the main points of using smart home system is safety. Smart curtain can be handy when it comes to safety as whenever there is smoke inside your home, your smart curtain can be sync with smoke sensors and your smart curtain and blinds will open automatically when smoke is sensed inside your home.  

  1. Security From Burglary: 
    Do you ever notice that most of the houses that are being broken in is because of burglars noticing that there is no one at home during holiday seasons or during your vacation. With smart curtain system, you can now set routine to close and open your
    smart curtain so that burglars wouldn’t know if you’re at home or not as you can create an illusion for burglars so that they will assume that someone is home. Thus, burglars would most likely avoid breaking into your house. 

  1. Healthier Lighting: 
    Having natural light is always better. Hence, smart curtain can give you more natural lighting by opening curtain automatically during the day time and close during the night time. You can always ask someone from SmartRuma to assist you on how to set automations for your smart curtain as well. With smart home system, there’s endless possibilities to make your home a better place to stay and enjoy it with your loved ones. 

Make your life better, healthier, and safer by investing in a smarter automatic curtain system.