How An Automatic Pet Feeder (WiFi) Benefits Pet Owners

How An Automatic Pet Feeder (WiFi) Benefits Pet Owners

No More Worries

In this era, pet owners are getting busier and our schedules sometimes prevent us from keeping a set feeding routine for our pets. Pet lovers can't always guarantee that our pets are going to get their meal consistently. Smart feeders give you peace of mind knowing your pet will be fed whether you're at work or away. A late meeting is easy to work into your schedule when you know your pet will get fed the same meals he always gets.

Avoid Overfeeding

About 55% of dogs and cats are overweight, which can lead to serious health risks including heart and respiratory disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. Automatic feeders help provide proper weight management by giving your pet the portioned feedings they need.

If you have a pet who gulps his food or eats too fast, a feeder can help him slow down. This is also great for cats, who prefer to nibble a bit of food over a longer period. Slowing down your pet's eating improves digestion and prevents stomach bloat and vomiting.

Full Control

Having a smart pet feeding machine allows you to control and set routines with your phone. Not only you are able feed your pet with your phone. You can now talk to your pet with your phone too through our smart feeding machine.