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Benefits Of Using Google Home Speakers

Google Home Speakers Pros

Here are some of the pros and advantages of the Google Home wireless speaker:

  • Second to none in its ability to answer questions. The biggest advantage Google Home has over other voice-controlled apps and devices is its ability to provide factual responses to questions.  The device leverages Google’s Knowledge Graph, a system that contains millions of facts about people, places, and things, and how all of these entities are connected. This allows Google Home to provide responses to questions far beyond the capabilities of other voice-controlled apps and devices. Google Home can also understand follow up questions. For example, you can get answers to questions like, “How are the Sixers doing?” and “When is their next game?”. Click here to see many of the things Google Home can do.

  • Can cast video to your TV. The second biggest advantage the Google Home has is the ability to cast video to your TV. Currently, you can cast video from YouTube. Support for Netflix and other video services are expected to be added over time.

  • Can identify different voices: Initially, a missing feature, this ability ensures that multiple people can get personalize results for GH.

  • Can cast audio to multiple devices. Using Chromecast Audio, you stream music to one or more sets of speakers in different rooms.

  • Supports Google Play Music and YouTube Music. These services are not available on Alexa devices.

  • Pretty good sound quality considering its size. For casual music listening, I think Google Home sounds good.

  • Appears to understand my Spotify requests better than Alexa devices. In my personal experience, I’ve encountered far fewer mistakes with Home versus Alexa. Your mileage may vary.

  • Aesthetic design and customizable appearance. Google Home looks like a small piece of furniture that can be customized to match your decor. The Echo looks like a speaker while the Echo Dot looks like a hockey puck.

  • Hands-free calling. You can make calls with your voice to any number in the US and Canada.

  • Step by step cooking instructions: Google Home will walk you through preparing food. I’m not sure how useful this is, however. If GH ever gets a display, this feature would be really cool.

  • Works with free Spotify Accounts: Enough said!

  • Bluetooth audio streaming: This is another feature it should have had in the beginning but I’m glad it’s available now.

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