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Discover the pinnacle of home security with the Aegis D7 Smart Door Lock, integrating cutting-edge technology to safeguard your sanctuary like never before. Engineered for utmost convenience and unparalleled protection, this advanced door lock combines 3D Face ID, palm vein recognition, fingerprint scanning, passcode entry, and traditional key access into a single sleek design.


With its 3D Face ID feature, the Aegis D7 recognizes you instantly upon approach, granting swift access without the need for keys or codes. Palm vein recognition adds an additional layer of security, utilizing advanced biometric technology to ensure only authorized individuals can enter.


For those preferring a tactile approach, the integrated fingerprint scanner allows effortless unlocking with just a touch, offering reliable access in any condition. Alternatively, enter a secure passcode using the illuminated keypad, designed for easy use even in low-light environments.


Should the need arise, traditional key access serves as a failsafe, providing peace of mind knowing you can always unlock your door manually. The Aegis D7 Smart Door Lock not only enhances security but also simplifies your daily routine, adapting seamlessly to your lifestyle with its user-friendly interface and robust construction.


Elevate your home's defenses with the Aegis D7 Smart Door Lock — where advanced technology meets uncompromising security, ensuring your home remains safe and accessible at all times.

Aegis D7 3D Face & Palm Recognition Smart Door Lock

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